PMF MECHANICAL is active for various clients in the (petro)chemical-, oil & gas-, food-, paper & board- and bio-based industry, as well as for the offshore drilling industry and in civil engineering. Additionally, PMF is active in the energy sector. PMF designs and manufactures piping systems, pressure equipment and high-quality structures and executes integrated projects and maintenance. PMF has a broad knowledge with regard to materials, welding, production techniques and preservation systems. At PMF, we are flexible and decisive and we are continuously improving processes and developing new processes.

PMF Mechanical has departments in Uithuizen, Delfzijl, Schoonebeek and Zuidbroek and offers employment to more than 190 employees, more than 160 of these employees have a permanent employment contract.

PMF pressure equipment Uithuizen:

At this location we are specialized in engineering, fabrication, testing and maintenance of pressure equipment and piping. We own a modern separate production facility for stainless steel and duplex. In addition, there are production facilities for carbon steel pressure equipment and piping and for mechanical adjustments.

PMF mechanical services Delfzijl:

In our production plant with a height of 12 meters, we are able to produce very large constructions, piping and channel parts, skids, modules, machinery. Besides road transport, it is also possible to choose for water transport. Our construction facility is located close to water transport facilities. 

PMF mechanical services Emmen:

From this location we supply the industry in and around Emmen, as well as the nearby oil plant of Schoonebeek. This location its strength is machinery production, mechanical revisions, service and maintenance, and new construction projects for the (petro)chemical-, oil & gas-, and other process-industries.

DJK Zuidbroek: 

DJK is an all-round steel construction and construction contractor that supplies to and for the construction industry, the industrial usage, the infrastructure industry and the offshore industry. DJK also takes care of maintenance of products in the aforementioned industries. The production plants, situated in tall buildings, are located nearby the A7 and to the Winschoterdiep, making it possible to transport large objects such as bridges and large skids by water.

BOZO Trappenbouw Zuidbroek:

Bozo is a specialist in the field of interior stairs and flight stairs as well as railings, and especially in the design and production of spiral staircases. The stairs and railings are being supplied for utility production, housing production and industrial usage.


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