AFA project Aliansys, Schoonebeek

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AFA project Aliansys

After the acquisition of the resin plants of DSM by Aliansys A.G., a broad investment program has been initiated. PMF received an order to supply main equipment consisting of the reactor, blender and an Intermediate Tank. Besides this order, PMF also received the site contract to realize all steel constructions, the installation of the main equipment and to execute multiple piping modifications and tie-inns. 

The department in Schoonebeek is located next to the plant from which all activities are coordinated. The production of the main equipment has been executed both at the location in Schoonebeek as the location in Uithuizen. The steel constructions come from the location in Uithuizen. The calculations and detail engineering took place in both Uithuizen and Zuidbroek. For PMF, this has been a wonderful intergral project.



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