Zuidbroek 2 Cyclone Seperators , Zuidbroek

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Zuidbroek 2 Cyclone Seperators

The cyclone separators which are designed, engineered and manufactured by PMF will be installed as part of the Zuidbroek 2 project to increase the capacity of existing installation for blending high caloric natural gas with nitrogen to Groningen gas specification making the gas suitable for domestic household use.


Gasunie have advised that the planned nitrogen plant will enable an annual reduction of around 7 billion m3 of gas from Groningen (during a cold year).

As part of this project PMF will supply the six cyclone pressure vessels including the engineering; procurement of materials; manufacture; inspection; testing; PED conformity
assessment; and transportation as well as project management of all the work performed.

Besides the cyclone separators PMF has also been awarded additional orders for a condensate vessel and several inline gas sampling and measurement systems for flow measurement and sampling.


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