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PMF MECHANICAL is active for various clients in the (petro)chemical-, oil & gas-, food-, paper & board- and bio-based industry, as well as for the offshore drilling industry and in civil engineering. Additionally, PMF is active in the energy sector. PMF designs and manufactures piping systems, pressure equipment and high-quality structures and executes integrated projects and maintenance. PMF has a broad knowledge with regard to materials, welding, production techniques and preservation systems. At PMF, we are flexible and decisive and we are continuously improving processes and developing new processes.

Our operations can be divided into the following categories:


We can use our experience and expertise to support you in creating a design or in further developing a provided design.

Since the introduction of the PED regulation, PMF mechanical is certified up until H/H1. This allows PMF Mechanical to design and produce pressure equipment without the interference of a reported institution (NoBo).

The same holds for designing steel constructions where the procedures are certified based on EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2001 (EN 1090-2, EN 1090-3 Exc. Class 3)


We have our own engineering department that can help you to create an economically beneficial design. Additionally, each production location of PMF has its own department for project planning and construction drawings. For pressure equipment, piping and steel constructions, we use our own calculation software. For construction drawings we use, amongst others, Inventor, Solid Works and Tekla. In certain cases, we cooperate with an engineering bureau. 


Our projects are very diverse and range from new construction projects or the expansion of pressure equipment, tanks, piping and steel construction, skids and bridges, to small steel products, machining and maintenance. Our products can be made at one or multiple locations of PMF.

The following welding processes at our disposal: GTAW (141-, orbital), GMAW (135-138), FCAW (136), SAW (121) SMAW (111). The company is qualified according the ASME IX AWS D1.1 and EN 15614-1 and EN ISO 9606-1 and EN-ISO 9606-2.The materials that can be welded are Carbon steel, RVS, duplex, nickel and aluminum Standard welding is being executed in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2.

Assembly and disassembly

We have our own experienced mechanics who can take care of the assembly and disassembly of steel products. It goes without saying that we are VCA certified, since during construction and assembly, safety is our first priority. All our mechanics are well-educated.


Besides new construction projects, we can also replace or renovate existing piping, pressure equipment, constructions, bridges and floodgates.

Inspection and maintenance

To lengthen the lifetime of machines and installations, it is very important to inspect and maintain them timely. We have our own maintenance mechanicals who can also execute your inspection and maintenance.


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