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Gasunie's Zuidbroek Nitrogen Factory is taking shape and we’re proud of our contribution from PMF.

Location Zuidbroek
It started for PMF with winning the tender for 6 cyclone separators for the Gasunie mixing station, followed by the delivery and assembly of the equipment for sampling and flow metering. For the production installation, we were able to supply and assemble the pipe bridges, primary supporting steel as well as the stairs and platforms for the production installations from our location in Zuidbroek. In addition, we supported the main contractor with the installation and welding of piping systems.

Who is PMF?

PMF Industry Group works for various clients in the (petro)chemical-, oil & gas-, food-, paper & board- and bio based industry, as well as the offshore and in civil engineering. In addition, PMF is active in the energy sector. PMF designs and manufactures piping systems, pressure vessels and high-quality structures and executes integrated projects and maintenance. PMF has a broad knowledge with regard to materials, welding, production techniques and preservation systems. PMF is a flexible and decisive organisation, always engaged in improvement processes.

PMF Industry Group has branches in The Netherlands in Uithuizen, Delfzijl, Emmen, Zuidbroek and Sappemeer.

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On-going projects

TEG Module

Location: Delfzijl

A beautiful skid made in Delfzijl - The process module which weighs 95 tons and measures 1865x596x1168 was manufactured in six months from order placement to delivery. Working closely with our customer throughout the project we set ourselves the objective to build the skid together within an expedient delivery schedule and we’re proud of the result.  

Zuidbroek 2 Cyclone Seperators

Location: Zuidbroek

The cyclone separators which are designed, engineered and manufactured by PMF will be installed as part of the Zuidbroek 2 project to increase the capacity of existing installation for blending high caloric natural gas with nitrogen to Groningen gas specification making the gas suitable for domestic household use.


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